Tell people the details of your event

The Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium gives a great example of how to get people to NOT go to an event. Check out their news and event section, they list all of their upcoming events but they give no details of what goes on at these events. For instance, at the time of this post, they are listing “Sharks After Dark” but not even a summary of what this event is about. What the hell? So this is like some soft core porn shark action or something I am not so sure that is all that appealing to me.  If I do the work (which the customer should not need to do, btw) I can see that the hours are later than their normal hours, but is that all? I mean what makes them think that if I am not interested in there normal offerings before 8pm that suddenly after 10pm I will have a burning need to see a shark? So I am guessing there are some adult-oriented offerings at the Sharks After Dark event but if there are, I don’t know what they are and if I don’t know what the event is offering, I am not going to the event.

So the lesson here is: if you are having an event, include the details of the event or a link to the details every where you promote the event.  Giving the details of the event is simple and well, really, should be obvious, yet as you can see even large companies with significant marketing budgets fail at it.

Get a book about running events if you have to.