Slack, we need to talk about notifications

I am an avid user of Slack messaging at work and in personal projects, but I have one big beef to pick with the makers of the application. The notifications entirely suck, the mobile notifications are far from real time (facebook messenger is real time, slack can be too, try MQTT), all channels and all direct […]

Tell people the details of your event

The Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium gives a great example of how to get people to NOT go to an event. Check out their news and event section, they list all of their upcoming events but they give no details of what goes on at these events. For instance, at the time of this post, they are […]

Limiting Features to Increase Perceived Value Makes Revenue Not Suck.

Managing the perceived value of a company’s product is often instrumental in providing for a company’s success. Controlling how customers perceive the value of your product can be tricky business and can even seem counterintuitive at times, but failure to do so can have dire consequence for a product and the company that produces said product.